Thursday, October 02, 2008


Henriette Kjær of the Conservative Party is alarmed that children from Muslim families stay away from school in the days following the end of the Ramadan celebrations (many Danish schools have officially excused Muslim children on the actual day it ends)

She says:

"..society must take a stand when parents force religious customs onto their children which could damage their schooling and integration..."

I agree - kids should be at school!

Let's suspend Christmas, Easter, and other Christian holidays from now on.

By the way, do Jewish kids get days off for their special holidays?..

Oh, darn...I forgot - we like Jews now, right?...

Retro babe"...honey, I've just moved our life savings (and your mom's) to "The Cool Little Bank and Beauty Parlour" they told me they only make secure and safe investments!.."
Panzer Sturmgeschütz III, Ausf G
A nice late war photo (summer of 1943 is my guess)
It looks like Zimmerit anti-magnetic paste has been applied to the Schürtzen armour on the sides. Judging from the rough uneven texture it could have been done in the field. Also note the late war mantlet with rounded sides (often referred to as a "saukopf" mantlet, but this term was invented after WWII)


ste said...

go on then,get rid of your traditional customs and embrace all the new stuff.thay way you'll end up a globalised/mcdonald nation with no individual identity.have some balls , don't be ashamed of your culture.machine gun all the others.

Lennard Grahn said...

We ARE embracing the new, ste

Danes are now offered the possibility of celebrating:

Valentines day, and Halloween

Gotta keep those greeting card companies happy.