Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Out in the suburbs I ventured.

No junkies, winos, aggressive prostitutes, or fat pimps from Kreplachistan out there.

All I saw were nice healthy people, teenagers and kids on their way home from school. Going home to their warm cosy houses, their warm cosy families.

And nature, right there on their doorsteps! you can take a stroll while you walk the dog.

I used to live like that. Lived in a small town out in the country. Went to a nice clean school, nice healthy people, and nature all around.

But that type of life comes at a price.

A high price.

I'd probably go crazy if I lived out there now.

And the nice clean people would think I was a weirdo.

I'd end up a worthless drunk like all the other misfits out there.

Better stay in the city. And hide between the filthy, ugly, noisy people.

I used to think that was cool and exiting.

"Used to", I've said that a lot now...

"Used up" I guess is what I was trying to say.

Retro babe"...I don't care what your father says, hitting your husband over the head with a shoe is not a nice thing to do! - At least not on your honey moon..."
Panzer Befehlspanzer I
Rolling through the streets of Vienna, most likely during the Anschluss.
Note that the mount for the bow MG34 machinegun has been sealed off on the second and third Befehlspanzer in the row, and that the machinegun is missing from the first one.


ste said...

every now and again i drive through the 'scruffy' parts of my city with my kids in the back staring opened mouthed at the 'residents' scraping a living there.not only does it make me feel smug but i hope it serves to show them what might become of them if they don't achieve what i expect of them.... then we go home for pizza (after washing our hands)

Lennard Grahn said...

That's the spirit!

did you remember to floss?...