Monday, November 03, 2008


A 1938 proposal for skyscrapers in Hamburg

What could possibly be more wonderful that the over sized neo-classicist architecture of the Third Reich? (1970's Japanese sexploitation movies featuring nuns and samurais comes to mind, but we'll save that for later...)

One man who could deliver on that (the architecture, not the nuns & samurais) was Erich Zu Putlitz
Retro babe"...come on, honey, it's just an inky-winky little nun's outfit - You'll look great in it!.."
Panzer Befehlspanzer III, ausf G
The "Befehls" (command) versions of panzers were produced for regimental and battalion commanders who needed long-range radio equipment in order to communicate with Division or Army Corps staffs. You can just make out the "bedstead" type antenna placed on the rear deck of the panzer, behind the turret. Judging from the architecture of the houses in the background this panzer is part of the German effort to liberate Russia from itself.

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