Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My newspaper informs me that Danish girls are doing very well in Danish schools and more and more of them are moving on to higher educations, while the boys are increasingly sacking behind...

The explanation is that the girls are better at adjusting to the rules, regulations and discipline required for learning, while the boys have problems concentrating for longer periods, confronts authority, and often become either rebellious or indifferent.

This is however not a problem for them in the long run, because our society values the independence, drive and initiative of "the bad boy".

It is also predicted that when more women receive higher educations, these will drop in prestige followed by an equal drop in salaries.

Many boys are likely to completely skip education and instead become independent entrepreneurs, relying on their personal network and savvy for creating their own businesses.

Kingdom of Denmark, the year 2058:

Universities: 2

Auto part retailers (and snack bars...): 1,098,305

Computer Gaming Cafes (and snack bars): 1,096,305

Jails and holding facilities (w. snack bar): 16,922

Top secret underground ballet schools and snack bars : 10-15,000 (rough estimate)

Retro babe"...nice sofa..."
Panzer Beutepanzer
Some men of the panzerwaffe with a couple of captured British Universal carriers now in German service. The carriers and the fact that the troopers are wearing a mix of panzer berets and German Army field grey service caps would most likely place this photo in a post Battle of France 1940 time frame.


Hans said...

Haha meget morsomt men woffer alle snack barene? Er det fordi mændende er enlige og ikke kan lave mad selv? Har du ikke meget tiltro til dine kønsfæller?

Lennard Grahn said...

der er altid plads til en lille snack...