Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Two weeks ago, Danish business man, and "it-comet" Stein Bagger and his company IT-Factory was elected "Company of the year"
This week, Bagger is suspected of fraud for $170 mill. and is reported missing in Dubai.

- hired members of The Hells Angels as bodyguards
- A former business partner was assaulted and beaten
- described as having "psychopatic personality traits"
- operated a secret private office which he used to milk money out of the main company
- left his wife and 8-year old daughter without notice
- the Danish Police have previously investigated Bagger on charges of VAT fraud from sales of luxury cars

Retro babe"...sensational..."
Panzer Pzkpfw IV, Ausf B
The same panzer IV as posted yesterday, and apparently it was not in very good shape. Note the two penetrations in the turret armour on the right hand side. The missing wheels and drive doesn't look like damage from fighting but the work of the maintenance unit, salvaging spare parts for the other panzers.


ste said...

those were small penetrations,do you reckon they were caused by an anti tank rifle or tin worms? what chances would the crew have with armour splinters flying about? top 5 worst jobs in the world - tank cleaner (No. 2)

Hans said...

Sheer nerdism! Keep it up guys... :-)

Lennard Grahn said...

The early panzer IV's had very thin armour compared to later version, so light anti tank guns and Anti tank rifles were still effective weapons. My guess is the holes came from a 20-30 mm anti-tank gun of French or British origin. I believe the Bofors 37 mm anti aircraft guns used by the British forces during the battle for France in 1940 were also used successfully against panzers.

The Germans used face hardened armour, which meant that razor-sharp splinters could fly off on the inside if the armour was penetrated - not a nice experience for the crew...
The other main danger was fire from burning petrol, or the panzer's own ammonition exploding.