Friday, December 05, 2008


Some American WAC's frolicking on top of a Flak tower in the Berlin Tiergarten, 1945.

To those not yet in the know: the huge photographic library of LIFE magazine is now available online through Google

thanx to Acebone for the tip
Retro babe A fashionable French woman posing in front of a German Schwimmwagen after the liberation of Paris, 1944. Note the all-in-one plateau soles, a WWII specialty which was to some extent related to leather shortages, since it forced shoe manufacturers to use alternative materials (with less strength) for the soles and heels.
Panzer Pzkpfw II, Ausf B
Looks like some pre-WWII manoeuvres. Note the turret number "II-08" placing this panzer with the staff of its regiment's second battalion.

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