Monday, January 26, 2009


MacWorld publishes a list of The six worst Apple products of all time

Topping the list is the Mac II vx computer - the first Mac I owned...

Hey - I loved that machine!!! and it was the first mac to ship with the then revolutionary technology (1992) of the CD-ROM drive

I did a lot of Photoshop digital painting and drawing on it, but unfortunately all my "early work" was lost when a SyQuest disc crashed.

- what's a "SyQuest disc" granddad?...

We'll save that for later, kids... go back to your Call of Duty, GAZA 2009 expansion pack

Retro babe"...Rachel Totzenmacher, our new HR manager - welcome aboard!..."
Panzer Panther, Ausf G
Another amateur photo from that late war German test range.

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