Friday, January 09, 2009

You think I'm a joke? - I'm the Hoochie Koochie man

I'm glad I no longer have views on Danish politics, because then I would have to think about that some Danish citizens - born and raised here, might have relatives being killed in Gaza, and in some way that should perhaps be part of our view of what's happening down there.

But, Lennard, some JEWISH Danish citizens might have relatives down there - you thought about that, HUH?!?!?!'re right... I haven't thought about this carefully enough to form an opinion...I better leave matters of state and government to the politicians, civil servants and the army and police...and opinions should come from the media professionals, because they alone have the broad spectre of information available to them which, combined with their analytical skills and experience and filtered through the internationally accepted standards for press- and publication ethics, creates a fair and objective evaluation of news and events and places them in their proper context for public digest and information.

Retro babe"...ah, come on! it's no big secret..."
Panzer Panther, Ausf A
A complete write-off, looks like the area was bombed from the air.


morten said...

yes you cannot trust The People to have an opinion of and on their own!

Lennard Grahn said...

Yes, they'll just elect the wrong people for the right reasons..