Friday, February 20, 2009


Desperate man by Gustave Courbet

The modern era saw the democratization of art (along with many other aspects of society)

We sneered at the highly trained academic professional (and the pompous emptiness of his creations) and instead we opened up the boundaries of art.

children's art, outsider art, abstract art, performance art, conceptual art, land art, video art, drip art, drop art, op art, pop art

Art could be anything - anything could be art,

and since anything could be art, then anybody could be an artist

And if anybody could be an artist - who needed specialized people calling themselves "artists" ?..

The ultimate triumph of modernism has been the disposal of the artist,

and the emergence of

The Creativist.

Retro babe"...will you hurry up with that %&//%/!! photo - these boots are killing me!..."
Panzer Sdkfz 250
The twin MG 34's mounted here (probably for anti aircraft use) must be a field modification.

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