Monday, March 23, 2009


If you are in Copenhagen this week check out the videos from
60 seconds Short Film Festival

Videos will be shown on the video screens at nine of the Copenhagen Metrostations from 8 - 9 PM, 23 - 28 march 2009.

but why Lennard?...

- because they have included a video by meeeeeee : Empired

And I'm included in the ten videos competing for a 5.000 DKR Prize!

Vote for me HERE!
(if you do, I might win - and then you can hang out with a winner!)

Retro babe"...yes, you have to fully undress for examinations at a private hospital, it makes it easyer for us to take you to the cleaners..."
Panzer Sturmgeschutz III, Ausf A
The men are wearing the very rare field grey panzer berets for self-propelled artillery crews. The berets covered a rubber cushioned crash helmet but turned out to be highly unpopular with the crews and from 1940 were replaced by the standard German Army sidecap.

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