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R.I.P Peter Rindal, 1923-2009

Rindal became famous in 1965 when he organized a protest (at the factory where he worked as chief store room attendant) against the newly created Danish Arts Foundation.

Rindal opposed the idea that the state should finance art - especially modern abstract art.

His exposure in the media led to a surge of support across Denmark, which was named "Rindalism" - representing an opposition to tax financed Modern Art that seemed meaningless to "the common man".

Rindal joined Fremskridtspartiet (The Progress Party) and became their representative on the board of representatives at The Danish Arts Foundation. He held this position 1981-97.

He was always keen to point out that he was not an "art hater" but simply against the idea that the taxpayers should finance art. In his view, creating art was a trade like any other and should compete on the same terms. He supported state financing of public libraries and for the restoration of historic buildings.

Retro babe"...artistic indeed!.."
Panzer Sdkfz 251/1, Ausf C.
Note the tactical marking of a mobile infantry unit on the front armour plate (later in the war, halftrack-equipped units would receive their own tactical sign) Above it is the unit marking of the 3'rd Panzer Division, as used 1939-41.

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