Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Attention R.Crumb fans!

- it's time to hit that pre-order button, because Crumb's The Book of Genesis is now available from Amazon
(to be published October 2009)

Crumb takes on The Great Book, and as his fans will know, he comes from a Catholic background - will the Pope ban him?...

Panzer Pzkpfw IV, Ausf E (late)
A brand new panzer IV photographed at some barracks. The late Ausf E's had additional armour bolted to the front end, a result of the lessons learned in the Battle of France where the firepower of opponents like the British Matilda tank had caused an unexpected amount of panzer IV losses.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Get yer Jimmy Jupiter comics at Cartoon SNAP

Panzer Befehlspanzer III, Ausf B
Rare tracks indeed, since only 15 Ausf B's were produced, this command version must have been one out of just a handful. Photo is probably taken at a panzer driving school.

Monday, May 18, 2009


As we all know, Communism was the system where:

"...all are equal, but some are more equal than others..."

Capitalism, - the economical system practically the whole world has embraced within the last twenty years, is different:

In this system there is no need for the concept of equality, because one of its driving forces is competition, and when we compete, there must always be:




Number Ones, number twos, (and sometimes, even number threes...)

- but lately we have seen the introduction of the "win-win" concept, where EVERYBODY wins...


There are some differences between living the life of the cleaning lady or that of the Bank manager...


maybe, total...sorry, global, Capitalism is the system where:

All Are Winners But Some Are More Winners Than Others

Panzer Pzkpfw III, Ausf E
Looks like exercises at a Panzer training facility in Germany (lots of pine trees in the background) Note that the main gun has been plugged and it looks like the fixture for the bow machine gun is entirely missing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

New updates at my DeviantArt profile, meet the characters of a fictitious band called Crucifix in A Deathhand

Panzer Pzkpfw III, Ausf G
Serving with the Afrikakorps in the Libyan dessert.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Amateur photo of Russian soldiers in the Czech republic, May 1945.

May 9, sixty-fourth anniversary of the victory in The Great Patriotic War.

Thank you for destroying the armies of Nazism.

Panzer Tiger II
Abandoned at the Znojmo railway station, Czech Republic, 1945.
The Czech Republic saw some of the last fighting on European soil in WWII, being squeezed in between retreating German armies of both the Eastern and Western fronts.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Barricades on Nørrebro, Copenhagen during "the people's strike", summer of 1944

May 4'Th - on this day (evening actually, since this was when the Danish free broadcast from London announced the German surrender) we Danes celebrate the liberation from German occupation during WWII.

Fun fact:
- some 3,000 Danes were killed fighting against German forces during WWII, an equal amount died fighting with the German forces, mainly on the Eastern front.

Other fun fact - these figures seem to change over time...

Panzer Pzkpfw III, Ausf E
Note the spare tracks placed under the gun. This was extra protection of the vulnerable point where the turret and the hull joined. If an enemy gunner managed to put in a shot here it usually meant the turret was disjointed (or blown right off), and most of the crew could be killed or wounded since three men out of the five-man crew were placed in the turret.

Friday, May 01, 2009


Read about glorious Tu4m strategic bomber prototype

Yes, I'm back!

- with the help of friends, relatives, and (of course) a Bank, I have found a new home, and it's situated only a few hundred meters from the old one...

And I'll be receiving supplementary unemployment benefits for the next six months, so my economy should be o.k too.

Now that I'm sure I won't be sleeping on park benches, eating out of trashcans or collecting money from a paper cup, I can return to important things like blogging.

Still, blogging is not all... I need time for bitterness, alcohol consumption and surfing the internet for photos of East European housewifes dressed as Batgirl


from now on postings will be rationed at one to five per week, depending on how much I have to post...and yes, that includes the panzers...

and there's more:

The Retro babe is discontinued... not that I don't like retro babes, but I've posted so many of them I'm actually running out of quality material to post, and I refrain from putting full frontal nudity (or straight out HC action...) on this blog.

Retro babes (and others) will definetely be featured from time to time, but as a part of the regular postings.

Cheers, and happy May 1'st if you belong to the kind who celebrate it.

Panzer Pzkpfw IV, Ausf E late version
A fine photo taken at some barracks. Late version Panzer IV E's had additional armour bolted to the front end for extra protection.