Monday, May 04, 2009


Barricades on Nørrebro, Copenhagen during "the people's strike", summer of 1944

May 4'Th - on this day (evening actually, since this was when the Danish free broadcast from London announced the German surrender) we Danes celebrate the liberation from German occupation during WWII.

Fun fact:
- some 3,000 Danes were killed fighting against German forces during WWII, an equal amount died fighting with the German forces, mainly on the Eastern front.

Other fun fact - these figures seem to change over time...

Panzer Pzkpfw III, Ausf E
Note the spare tracks placed under the gun. This was extra protection of the vulnerable point where the turret and the hull joined. If an enemy gunner managed to put in a shot here it usually meant the turret was disjointed (or blown right off), and most of the crew could be killed or wounded since three men out of the five-man crew were placed in the turret.

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