Friday, July 17, 2009


New York artist Dash Snow dies of heroin overdose, aged 27

(remember to check out the comments, really great reading)

A larger-than-life fairy tale about unschooled raw talent coupled with hedonism, insanity and (extremely) rich parents, or just more hype?..

you decide; check out his work, read all about him,

More on Snow, turns out one of his inspirations was Danish photographer Jacob Holdt's American Pictures and he liked dancing to the music of Suicide before going to parties...

Panzer Sturmtiger
I went and visited the Deutsches Panzermuseum, which has a Sturmtiger on display and since only two have survived until today (out of eighteen made) this is quite a rarity.
They have an excellent collection of German tanks and AFV's at the museum, but I recommend going there by car since Munster, were it's located, is a bit out of the way (you can go by train also, which was what I did)

BTW: If going, don't mix Munster up with Münster which is a completely different place, it's Munster (Örtze) you'll be looking for.


Murphy said...


Great pics from the mueseum! Thanks for posting.

Murphy in DC

Lennard Grahn said...

You are welcome, if you ever go to Europe you should definetely check it out, they also have a late production Sturmpanzer IV, a Wespe and a Hummel
which I forgot to photograph!!! because I had to catch the train back to Hamburg...