Friday, August 14, 2009


60 % of Danes support the Police actions against the illegal Iraqi refugees.

Hi there - I'm illegally in Denmark!

-I'm a refugee from Iraq, where Denmark took part in starting a war. I was allowed the stay long enough in Denmark for my children to grow up (in a refugee camp), but unfortunately I'm no longer welcome here because the war in Iraq is over, and the Danes are afraid my people and I will swamp Denmark with our religion and culture, so the Police showed up in strength and arrested me and my fellow refugees - all seventeen of us...

Hi there - I'm illegally in denmark!

-I'm an African prostitute working on the streets of Vesterbro, I used to work outside the hotels close to the Central Station but since there are so many of us I'm spreading my work all over the neighbourhood. Luckily for my pimp, the Police couldn't care less.

hmmm...are you saying, Lennard - that the Royal Danish Police are being used as the Paid Pipers of Politicians instead of doing what they should do - fight crime?!!..


...that's pretty hard to believe after what you have just written here on your blog!..
- Lennard, I have to ask you; are you lying now?..


Panzer PMV 113, G3
Danish armour in Iraq.

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