Monday, August 10, 2009


And, Lennard - your views on:

The political and cultural avant-garde and the so-called "counter culture"?..

- Egomaniac lunatics, untalented incompetents and straight-out frauds, whos absurd ideas about "an alternative society" wouldn't qualify them to run a hot-dog stand successfully...and since the "avant-garde" has always relied on (generous...) funding from mainstream society, what's "alternative" about it????

Democratic Capitalism and the materialist mainstream culture?..

- absolutely wonderful! - if fat, bored, and stupid is how you want to spend your life...but by the look of it, that's exactly what most people want!..

Religion? - the idea that our lives are not subjected to random meaninglessness but governed by a conscious and all-powerful force...and with Religion; perhaps a return to the more simple and fundamental values found in earlier times - before everything "went wrong..."

- try the above mentioned crowd, they'll love the convenience of that...but remember to hang on to television, prostitution and alcohol...


but, Lennard...what do YOU suggest?...

I don't know.

Panzer Sturmgeschütz III, Ausf G
Neatly painted in overall dark yellow, it looks like a brand new Stug photographed outside the factory that built it. Newly produced German military vehicles were not sent to units straight from the manufacturer, but first delivered to special Wehrmacht detachments which had to test and declare them acceptable for front-line service.

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