Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I like Autumn,

I'm not that interested in summer. It's nice that it's warm - it's very convenient, easy.
But I get bored after a while. The heat makes me drowsy, and I feel that the sun is a big eye WATCHING me...

And the steets are filled with people. People who LOVE summer, people who LOVE to prance around showing off their designer sunglasses, their designer clothes, their designer cars, their designer kids, their designer bodies, while they talk about how GREAT the WEATHER is and how nice it is with all that SUNSHINE!!!


I prefer to spend summer indoors, the shades pulled down, my hand wrapped around a cold beer.

Yes, I like Autumn - the air is cool and clear, and loaded with that wonderful scent of rotting leaves and wet soil.

The sky is filled with beautiful cloud formations, containing infinite shades of grey.
The wind grabs your hair, roughens up your face, makes you feel alive. Touches your Nordic heart.

In summer (that LOVELY season, with all that wonderful SUNSHINE) you get two colours:

BLUE sky
GREEN trees

Nice and simple, which it probably why this season has so much appeal to simple people.

In autumn you get all kinds of colours, red leaves, yellow leaves, purple grey skies, orange sunsets, lush greens and deep earthy browns after a rainfall.

Nature is heading for the death of winter, but is alive with colour and sensation.

But the simple people don't like that. There is no SUNSHINE!, the SUN is not SHINING on THEM! they have no use for their designer SUNGLASSES!!! the SUN is not reflecting in the SHINY paintjobs on their expensive cars!!! not making their jewellery GLITTER!!!

And the air is COLD! they can't wear their pink bikinis or show off their TATTOOS!!!

So they stay indoors, and gripe about the LOUSY WEATHER, and start saving up for that MUCH NEEDED holiday in a WARM and SUNNY place

I like Autumn,


I LOVE autumn.

Panzer Pzkpfw VI "Tiger", Ausf B (Tiger II)
Tiger "332", abandoned by its crew during the Battle of the Bulge.
Some GI's pose in front of the beast before it is shipped to the US for examination. Today it rests at the U.S Army Ordnance Museum (Aberdeen Proving Ground), Maryland USA.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Getting bored with KKKapitalism? - why not popeth ye over to:
Strategy for Revolution in the 21'st Century

Panzer Pzkpfw V "Panther", Ausf A
Ready for transport by rail. The two crew men are wearing the reed-green denim fatigue uniforms - a preferred attire when doing dirty manual work like preparing Panzers for rail transport. Also note the tube containing the barrel cleaning equiment mounted across the rear end of the Panther. This was a field modification, since it was placed on the left side of the hull when Panthers were delivered from the factory. In this position it would however often be damaged during transport or combat.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


For the Will Eisner fans out there, The Commonwealth University of Virginia have brought online Eisner's work for the US Army in the years after quitting The Spirit: The Preventive Maintenance Monthly Collection

Via The Fate of The Artist

Panzer Pzkpfw V "Panther", Ausf A
Serving with the elite Grossdeutschland division, summer of 1944.Note the unusual turret numbers filled out with white (or yellow)

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Check out those old videos from the Spoke electronica music people! - made by me and Morten Alsinger back in ye year 2001!

Our complete show from playing at Stengade 30, March 8, 2001 is available
(divided into nine parts due to the YouTube restrictions on length of movie uploads)

Panzer Pzkpfw V, Panther, Ausf G
Amateur photographs of Panzers from the last two years of WWII are rare, mainly due to the rationing put on film material restricting it to the official Propaganda Kompanie (PK) photograpers. A group of tankers from the elite Grossdeutschland division in the Kurland region of the German province of East Prussia (today a part of Poland)