Monday, October 26, 2009


One of my favourite early comic strips
(after I discovered them in the 1980's in a "serious" comics anthology)
the absurd world of The Upside Downs

Comics 1.0
- get yer old school comic strips (most of it pre-World War I...) at

Panzer Pzkpfw V "Panther", Ausf A
Serving in Russia with the Grossdeutschland Division, probably 1944. The paratroopers riding the panzer are typical of how this specialist breed of soldiers were used as plain infantry in the later half of WWII - some of them without ever having jumped with a parachute.Note how some of the troopers are wearing standard German Army marching boots instead of the special paratrooper jump boots.

Friday, October 23, 2009


RIP Anders Brill Gilberg, (man in the center)

Handled the drums in futuristic Danish New Wave band KLICHÉ
What's up at YouTube: KLICHÉ: Patrulje

Monday, October 12, 2009



- an 8-page comic helping people to find (and keep...) jobs.

Created by The American Visuals Corporation, a company founded by Will Eisner after he left The Spirit.

The idea behind it was to produce and promote sequential art for training and educational purposes - like the PS Magazine previously posted here on the blog.

Panzer Sdkfz 7/1 "Flakvierling"
The quadruple 20 mm anti-aircraft mount 2 cm Flakvierling 38 was mounted on the Sdkfz 7 half track to give some mobile AA abilities to motorised units.It looks like this vehicle was photographed after WWII at an exhibition of military equipment. Note the camera hanging from the belt of the relaxed GI.

Monday, October 05, 2009


The Venus Project

The Zeitgeist Movement

Neo-totalitarianism?..freak'ed out Sci-Fi nonsense?..a big load of pseudo-idealistic crapola?...

Well, since I'm stuck with:

- A lying, increasingly currupt, right-wing government...
- Gang related crime, prostitution and drug trafficking that seems to be both escalating and far beyond the control of the Police...
- Increasing intolerance, cynicism and egotism...
- Economic crisis and rising unemployment...
- A war that keeps costing lives but can't be won, partly because it has no clear objective...

- I'm getting close to the point of being open to something different.

YouTube: Zeitgeist the Movie
Panzer Pzkpfw VI Tiger, Ausf E (Tiger I)
Note how both these Tigers have "transportation tracks", which were narrower than the "combat tracks". Otherwise it would not have been possible for the Tigers to fit onto railway flatcars for long range transport. It was also necessary to remove the outer road wheels on both sides. Once the Tigers had arrived at a destination close to the front lines, the tracks were changed and the road wheels put back on, which demonstrates the German war effort's crucial need for useful railroads