Monday, December 21, 2009


After the collapse of The Second French Empire in 1870, unemployed and destitute young men drifted to Paris where many of them ended up as vagabonds.

By 1874 it was estimated that more than 30.000 of them walked the Parisian streets...sometimes united in criminal gangs, known (and feared...) as :
The Apaches

This greatly disturbed the growing urban middle class of Paris, which were often the victims of Apache gangs when they visited the newly discovered amusement district of Montmartre. As a countermeasure, some took up the self-defense techniques of Savate

Panzer Sdkfz 252/1, Ausf D
With a group af Waffen-SS troops in Prague, May 1945. The scruffy apearence of the 251 (the left mudguard and a licence plate is missing) suggest it came from a repair shop and was rushed into service to ferry troops out of Prague (away from the approaching Russians) in the hope that they could reach (and hopefully surrender to) the American forces entering Czechoslovakia from the West.

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