Monday, November 09, 2009


The "undercover artist" trend continues, - meaning works of art made by people who did not receive any "art world" attention and maybe didn't even think of themselves as artists.

Typically, they live anonymous lives and support themselves through normal jobs (which sets them apart from the traditional "outsider artists" who are often confined to mental institutions) Their artistic work is usually something they do in their spare time and is first discovered (sometimes by accident) after their death, - like the visionary paintings and writings of the Chicago janitor Henry Darger

This time it's the brilliant photographs of Vivian Maier who arrived in Chicago from France in the 1930's, worked as a nanny all her life and apparently had photography as her great passion.

Panzer Befehlspanzer I, Ausf B
Catching some sun. Note that the trooper is wearing the early panzer beret and at least one medal ribbon and a badge on his uniform, most likely the Iron Cross second class and the Panzer assault badge.
That could place this photo during the winter 1939-40, after the battle of Poland (where he would have won the decorations) but before the battle of France, after which the panzer berets were replaced by the standard German Army sidecap in black wool.


stuart said...

Fascinating stuff!

Lennard Grahn said...

yes, indeed - a bit like Robert Frank's photos from the same period

morten said...

har en bog du ska se hvis du ikke kender den om "art brut"....hvilket sføli er en kategorisering der taler imod det du taler om her men anyho