Monday, February 15, 2010


If you're as big a fan of the Underworld comic strip (by mighty KAZ) as I am, you'll enjoy these animated versions of select strips! - now available at

Panzer Sturmgeschütz III, Ausf B
Some StuG men relaxing in wintry conditions. All are wearing the field grey version of the Panzer beret, as required for self-propelled artillery crews. The Death's head symbol was used both officially and un-officially by a wide variety of German units during and before WWII - most notoriously by the 3'rd SS-Panzer Division "Totenkopf", which these soldiers do not belong to.


Kamil Feliks said...

That kind of Death's Head was official sign of 192.StuG Abteilung 'Totenkopf' (which has nothing in common with SS division, BTW)

Lennard Grahn said...

thanks for the info, always nice to hear from other "Panzer fans"