Monday, April 12, 2010


Discovered the life of american author Robert E. Howard

Born a Texan in 1906, Howard wrote stories from the age of nine and was on the verge of publishing his first novel when he committed suicide in 1936.

Before this tragic event, he had for many years built himself a reputation as a prolific writer for Pulp magazines and here he created the character Conan the Barbarian

(or Conan The Cimmerian as he was originally called)

Panzer Bergepanzer 38 (t) "Bergehetzer"
A recovery version of the "Hetzer" also turned up at the US Army test facility Aberdeen Proving Ground. Unfortunately for post war panzer fans, many of the most rare vehicles were scrapped after testing, while the majority of the remaining collection was stored outdoors, subjecting it to the European climate of Maryland.

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