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Panzerkampfwagen V, "Panther", Ausf G
A highly interesting photo, taken some time after the end of WWII. The Panther seems to have the early to mid production exhaust pipes (without the flame dampers mounted on late production vehicles) It also lacks "Zimmerit" anti-magnetic coating, which would place it within a very small batch of Panthers manufactured in late 1944.
One of the two boys seen playing on the roof of the turret is holding some sort of disc-shaped device. This could be an infrared searchlight, fitted to a very small number of Panthers in early 1945, giving them the ability to fight at night. Several photos exist of Panthers fitted with the special stowage box housing the IR devices when they were not in use (the box a bit larger, and replacing the standard right hand stowage box mounted on the rear armour plate)
Whether these advanced devices were used operationally or not is still the subject of debate.

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