Monday, August 09, 2010


Chasing away summertime weariness with a thrilling questionaire for you readers here at DAMIJWH!

A: Is this blog getting boring, or has it always been boring?
B: When visiting DAMIJWH, would you rather be doing something else?
C: If DAMIJWH was a horse, would you bet on it?
D: If DAMIJWH was a woman, would you have sex with it in a cheap hotel room and include that scene in a script you were writing for television? (your part grossly exaggerated and with unrealistic dialogue, mainly because it never happened in real life)

Your answers in the comments!

Befehlspanzer III
A fine photo from 1942 when the German Panzerwaffe was enjoying the last successes of the Blitzkrieg-era during their drive into Southern Russia. Beyond lay Stalingrad and the long hard retreat that took up the remainder of WWII for the Panzers. The divisional symbol of the 24'th Panzer Division can be seen on the front armour of the Sdkfz 251 immediately behind the Befehlspanzer, one of three Panzer Divisions destroyed at Stalingrad. Note the "bedstead" aerial of this command version of the Pzkpfw III, visible behind the commander, and the manner of wearing the headphones so the commander (strangely, only with the rank of private) can hear both the communication over the radio and vocal information.


Anonymous said...

I like the photos. I look forward to seeing what you unveil each time.

I would like to know more about your life in Denmark. You used to throw in bits about that. Not so much any more. Social comments, interesting people you meet, the crazy pigeon that attacks you every time you leave the building.

Just my two cents.

lennard grahn said...

alright, maybe I should get back to typing some words about life seen from my cubicle... and there will always be panzer-photos here!

ste said...

i miss the tits most !