Monday, August 02, 2010


Yes, right...back...hmmm... but not much going on...
Due to illness in my family I've spend quite some time this summer in the small town where I grew up.

Interesting in many ways - did you know that out in the country, if you are late for the bus and running towards it, the bus driver will WAIT FOR YOU (!!!)

My father also claims his neighbors sometimes "helps him"...

Strange people out there, and so different from us city folk.

Pzkpfw V "Panther", Ausf D
Badly shot up, this Panther belonged to the 1'st SS-Panzer division while fighting in Normandy, France 1944. Note the "I03" marking denoting a vehicle belonging to the staff of the Panzer regiment.

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Hans Larsen said...

Jepper, det kaldes hjerterum... :-)