Monday, September 06, 2010


Harvey Pekar did not like airports...Illustration from: Muncie, Indiana

RIP Harvey Pekar (died July 12)

Pekar brought literature and the graphic novel closer to each other, mainly known for his American Splendor, I can highly recommend one of his collaborations with cartoonist Gary Dumm :

Ego and Hubris: The Michael Malice story

Well-crafted storytelling, with the graphics perfectly fitting the Ayn Rand fueled, cubicle-and-coffee computer worker world of the protagonist.

Panzer : Tiger I, Ausf E (early production)
Damaged during transport, possibly the work of local partisans.
Note the narrow "transportation" tracks used on the Tiger, to make it fit the standard Deutsche Reichsbahn flatcars. The wide "combat" tracks were stored under the Tiger for the train ride (just visible under the bow armour plate) and had to be fitted by a workshop crew before it was ready for action.

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