Monday, October 18, 2010


"The Father of Fractals" Professor of Mathematics Benoît Mandelbrot has passed away.

A great scientist no doubt but in a way partially responsible for all those ghastly Techno club flyers from the nineties!

Well, fractals really blew my mind when they became popularized in the 1990's, the way I saw it, science had discovered the "algorithm of nature" the one basic concept that could create anything - mountains, clouds, planets.

Those trippy graphics did a lot too...

Apparantly Mandelbrot was also slightly eccentric, he began calling himself Benoît B. Mandelbrot but never had a middle name.

Tiger I E (early production)
A badly mauled Tiger, the many missing road wheels most likely the result of anti-tank mines. Despite the sorry looking state of the Tiger, damage like this could be quickly repaired by the unit's workshop since no vital parts like the armour plates, gun mount or engine compartment seems to have received hits.

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