Monday, October 25, 2010


What can I tell you : A classic.

Panzer: Sdkfz 250
A couple of troopers relaxing in front of a 250, most likely at a training facility or driving school in Germany.
On the left we have a veteran Obergefreiter (corporal) with combat awards on his uniform, while his friend on the right looks more like a fresh recruit.
The ribbons in the buttonhole of the corporal are the Iron Cross, II class and the Ostmedailje. This combined with the dark grey colouring of the Sdkfz 250 would place the photo somewhere in 1942 since the Ostmedaille was awarded to qualifying personnel who had seen service during the invasion of Soviet-Russia from November 15, 1941 to April 15, 1942 (German soldiers sarcastically referred to it as "the frozen meat order") Also of note is the wound badge in silver (awarded for three or four wounds) and the bronze version of The Infantry assault badge, awarded only to personnel from motorized units.

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