Monday, June 20, 2011


Big boy - big beer...

Not one of the photos I'm the most proud of presenting...this was my "Ninety plus kilograms - and what's it to you!?!!??!" -period when I quit smoking, cold turkey and spent most of my time in front of a computer screen.

I'm on Islands Brygge attending an electronic music event I can't remember the name went on for a couple of years at the beginning of the 00s, was really cool and the Hipster crowd I liked to imagine I was part of back then showed up in great numbers. That was when playing a bit of chill out ambient music outdoors in Copenhagen would get you cancelled the following year by the city council "too many people complaining over the noise..." Today it seems like we're having non-stop street parties going on all the time - and nobody does anything!..

Hmm, I think I've still got that t-shirt lying around somewhere.

Panzer: Pzkpfw IV, Ausf H
A Panzer officer poses in front of his "mount".
Note the wide "Ostketten" fitted which suggest the photo was taken in the East during spring when thawing snows turned the dirt roads into quagmires of mud.
Using Ostketten meant the panzer unit's workshop had to add extensions to the supports holding the Schürtzen armour plates (the "scaffolding" on the sides of the PzIV)
The officer, a seasoned veteran wearing the Iron Cross, first class, the Panzer Assault Badge and the Wound Badge in Silver (my interpretation of this blurry scan), presents a casual appearance wearing the reed green denim fatigue uniform often preferred by panzer crews in warm weather and the "old style" crusher cap which was popular with officers at the front since it didn't have the hard lining and visor of the full dress version making it more comfortable, especially if you were in a tank wearing a headset.

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