Monday, June 06, 2011


A couple of kids with their bicycles during those endless summers we had back when I was a child. It's me on the left and on the right is a girl named Jaana. My parents had a summer cottage in a town by a fjord (later exchanged for an all-year-round residence in the same town) and Jaana's family, who were from Finland, lived in the house opposite ours. In the background of the photo (probably taken by my dad who was an avid amateur photographer) you can make out a field of crops, and behind that...?
I remember standing on this road and looking at that horizon, wanting desperately to know what was behind that field of crops.
You couldn't just go (or bicycle) there, it was private property and a small stream ran at the foot of the hill, with no bridge for easy crossing. Many years later (I had long since moved away to start my own life in Copenhagen), a bridge over the stream was build by the town council and space cleared for a public footpath.
Now I could go there, see what was behind that field of crops. And it was quite exciting, a footpath going through crop fields with an old farmhouse on the right and a beautiful view of the fjord on the left.
Jaana emigrated to America when she grew up, her family relocated to Finland.
If you look closely at the photo, you can see how she has picked flowers, holding them in her tiny little hand.

Panzer: Sdkfz 250
Designed as a light recon-vehicle for motorized units it was capable of carrying half a platoon of troops (four men, by German WWII standards) plus the driver and gunner/radio operator.
Judging form the overall dark grey colour scheme and the MG 42 mounted at the forward firing position, the photo was probably taken in summer of 1942.

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