Monday, June 27, 2011


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A photo of a drawing I made back in ye year 1981.

I was never myself a fan of the Rock group KISS but I had a friend from school who was (at that time, I was switching between listening to Danish fun-rockers Shu-Bi-Dua or post punk art rockers Sort Sol)
I made several KISS - themed drawings for this friend, he lent me record covers I could use for reference. When finished, the drawings were coloured with plastic modeling enamels because I didn't have any real drawing inks.
I remember creating some pretty freaked out "pseudo-surrealist" images, incorporating the spectacular face make-up worn by the members of KISS. Maybe those thinners used for the enamels did something for inspiration...I once supplied that same friend with a small bottle of the stuff because he wanted to have a try at "sniffing"...
Yes, the other kids at school dug my drawings skills. For the girls I would draw fancy lettering, writing the names of boys they liked. Long into the evening I would sit crouched over a desk in my room, writing "Claus" or "Jesper" or some other name with a 0.5 mm lead pencil working in an elaborately ornamented nineteenth-century style I had picked up from stamp collecting.
Later on I would be "commissioned" to design the image of a fox for an aspiring moped gang, and paint the design on their jackets. I got DKR 100 pr. jacket and this was the first money I had ever earned.

"The kid who could draw" can be a popular kid. But as I sat late at night drawing the names of local boys in elaborate nineteenth century lettering, for the girls who adored them, didn't it ever occur to me that there was one name I was never asked to draw?..

Panzer: Pzkpfw II, Ausf L panzerspähwagen "Luchs"
Last of the line of the Panzer II's. This light reconnaissance tank was designed for the mud and snow on the Eastern front where armoured scout cars and half tracks could easily get bogged down. Produced from late 1943 to early 1944 only 104 were made.

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