Monday, August 01, 2011


Back again, rainiest summer I ever did see...but in a strange way it's been a nice holiday because I actually enjoy rainy weather. It's so cosy.

Panzer: Sturmgeschutz III, Ausf G
A nice clean looking Stug in overall dark yellow colour, possibly a new delivery to the unit or perhaps photographed at some barracks far behind the front. Judging from their lack of decorations and the shirt-and-tie attire, the four troopers have probably just finished their training and are heading for the first posting at the front. A crew member who mastered the accordion and could entertain during leisure with the popular tunes of the day (perhaps along with more "official" material like Der Panzerlied) was not uncommon in German WWII units. On close examination of the photo you can make out that the men wear collar and sleeve insignia placing them with the Waffen SS

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