Monday, August 15, 2011


“King Chrome” © Win­ston Smith, 2011

Connoisseurs of Punk Paraphernalia would be familiar with the collage-art of the artist hiding under the pseudonym of Winston Smith, perhaps best know for his contributions to the cover art of The Dead Kennedy's

Panzer: Sdkfz 251/3, Ausf B
Fitted with varying types of long-range radios this vehicle was often used as the personal "mount" for high ranking Wehrmacht officers on the level of Divisional- or corps command. Technology like this enabled them to communicate directly with sub-unit commanders, including Luftwaffe and artillery units, and move with the shifting front lines on the modern mechanized battlefield. Note the lack of national markings and the self made tarpaulin fitted to the aerial to provide some protection from strong sunlight and harsh weather. I believe a capital "G" can be made out on the rear end of the car in front of the 251, most likely placing this vehicle with Panzergruppe 2 under the command of Heinz Guderian during the early stages of the invasion of Soviet-Russia, 1941.

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