Monday, August 22, 2011


Photo taken a few seconds before the security people confiscated my camera...but what about all those people taking pictures with their cellphones? I asked them - can't do a thing about it!, they replied and led me to the wardrobe where I had to deposit my camera untill the show was over

Blaasted... seeing techno legend Aphex Twin play in Copenhagen. With six thousand people assembled in the new venue at TAP 1 (formerly, the Carlsberg Breweries) it became a celebration of the power of Rave-culture.

Panzer: Pzkpfw V, "Panther", Ausf D
Parked at what looks like the barracks of a training unit or maybe some factory grounds. Note the open pistol port on the top side of the turret, just below the early style "dustbin" cupola. The port enabled the Panther's crew to fire pistols or sub machine guns against attacking infantry. A round "plug" suspended from a chain covered it when not in use. The pistol port was omitted on later versions of the Panther since it was deemed unnecessary and weakened the armour plate.

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