Monday, September 26, 2011


It had to happen...

A fine row of beautiful tall Poplar's used to grow here, which I have photographed several times. There was also a long wooden fence, overgrown with Ivy. All of it besides an old rusty railroad track.

Until "they" had it removed...

And who are "they", Lennard...Aliens in flying saucers?...

No, "other voice" speaking inside my head..."They" are the people who are erasing everything that's old or organic around Copenhagen...and replacing it with a uniform type of bland, vulgar, expensive glossiness.

Whenever I see something around the greater Copenhagen area that I find interesting or aesthetically appealing, I just gently kiss it goodbye, because I've realised it's most likely gone when I come back a few months later.

Panzer: Sdkfz 10
Technically not a "Panzer" since it was neither armed nor armoured, but this medium-sized half track served extensively as a transport and tow vehicle with panzer and motorized Divisions.

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