Monday, October 31, 2011


I briefly explored this establishment back in the early nineties.

A trip to old London town when I was an art student had brought me on the trail of SOHO and its many peculiar, but interesting places. Slightly drunk after visiting the famous Marquee Club, me and a fellow student passed by the Compton Club which advertised "Peep Show". Intrigued, we went down a staircase and found ourselves in a tiny basement room where a heavily make-upped young girl dressed in suspenders and high heels asked us to join her at a table in the corner and buy her a drink. After two- or three minutes of meaningless conversation (the girl claimed to be a design student), a bearded leather-west clad character acting as the club's bouncer entered a small stage and told a rude joke (I can't remember how it went) Then we were presented with our bill: "drink plus company - £ 129" Apparently the "peep show" was our skinny friend at the table in her suspenders and despite our drinks and entry to the club being free, HER drink and company was NOT.


We were informed that we'd better pay or deal with the bouncer and that we should have realised what we were doing before we entered the place "- this is SOHO!" the design student/ peepshow attraction explained. Since I was the only one carrying any real money I sheepishly gave in to their threaths and paid... which meant giving up ALL the money I had for a five day stay in London, and this was our second day in town...

Luckily, I could borrow some money from another student and pay him back when we returned our non-worldly art student's arses to Denmark.

If you look at the area today on Google's Street View, you can tell how it has changed through gentrification. Who knows, maybe that tantalizing design student married the bouncer and started a profitable liposuction clinic a few streets away.

That was SOHO!

Panzer: Tiger I, late production
Crossing local bridges was often a problem for Tiger-equipped units since few constructions could handle the 52 ton weight of the vehicle. Note the non standard two-digit turret number

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