Monday, October 17, 2011


I've always been a big fan of "funny photos" and you can get your fill at this idiosyncratic site: spacereptilesareyourfriend
Note: Most of the photos here are BIG making the pages slow loaders..
Note2: Scarlett Johansson fans are in for a treat...check out page 2!

Panzer: Pzkpfw III, Ausf L
Refueling some Panzer III's probably summer of 1943. Note the troopers wearing reed green denim work uniforms and the steel drum marked with a "+" which meant it contained water (for engine coolant) and not petrol.


fbminis said...

I lost your blog for a few months, couldnt remember the address. Today, I was googling for a photo of a famo+trailer+pzII and I found it again. SpeceReptilesAreYourFriend is awesome too..

You should add that "followers" widget to your sidebar..

Lennard Grahn said...

Done! and thanks :-)