Monday, October 03, 2011

Longeth ye back to the days before "Decaf Copenhagen"?.. the time when the city was full of drafty, dank slum-apartments inhabited by ordinary people (instead of businesses) plus a handful of middle-aged alcoholics and/ or weirdo's?...(OK, maybe more than just a handful...)
Well, maybe nobody misses those days...but for a nostalgic fool like me (who actually lived in two cold water flats in the 1990's) it does look very romantic in photos. ..and you can get yourself an eye full at this website dedicated to the memories and private photos from one of the old streets in central Copenhagen: (look under "Private billeder"

Panzer: Pzkpfw IV, Ausf F2
Looks like the panzer is providing cover for a patrol, looking out for enemy activity to the left while mowing forward. Note the machine gunner immediately behind the Pz IV still with his MG 34 shouldered which in my opinion rules out the probability of the troops being under fire.
The divisional marking of the 12'th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht) is visible next to the balkenkreuz national marking.

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