Monday, February 13, 2012


Yes, you guessed it...another week here at DAMIJWH dedicated to Catherine Deneuve, this time photographed while filming Belle de Jour

Panzer: Sd. Kfz. 138/1, Ausf H "Bison"
looks like the un-armed munitions carrier version of the Bison, without the main gun (a 150 mm sIG 33) which should be visible from this angle.
If needed, the munitions carrier could be converted back to an ordinary Bison in the field. Note that the vehicle is in fact placed on a railway flatcar as the Sdkfz 251 parked in front of it. The high (900) numbers seen on both vehicles were often reserved for specialist support vehicles serving with Panzer divisions, like armoured, self propelled artillery, recon vehicles etc.
The Russian T-34/85's in the background would be placing this photo within a summer of 1944 time frame .

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