Monday, March 26, 2012


After I've lost interest in most of what modern art is trying to have us believe, I've developed a growing interest in ancient art. It's probably just more nostalgia...but you can't help noticing the simple beauty of this art. That was before the highly advanced concepts of uglyness and "cool".

Diggeth for example this very interesting page which tries to visualize what the people depicted in prehistoric art might actually have looked like (page is in Czech, use a translator)

Panzer: Sturmhaubitze 42
The StuH 42 was simply a Stug III mounting a 105 mm howitzer instead of the usual 75 mm weapon. Ideally, one in every five vehicles in a Stug battery had to be a Sturmhaubitze, for providing heavy fire-support when needed.
The relaxing crew is typical of German WWII troops as they presented themselves in dayli life on, or immediately behind, the front lines. Of note is the lack of collar tabs on the crew jackets (there is a befuddling variation on the theme of Stug unit collar tabs...), and the man in front eating a sandwich who is wearing a campaign shield on his upper sleeve.It could be the Crimea shield, awarded for participation in the Crimean campaign in 1942. Photo is most likely taken in spring/ summer 1944.

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