Monday, March 19, 2012


Goodbye SCALA...

Can't say I'm really going miss this partly unsuccessful attempt at creating a shopping mall in central Copenhagen, standing abandoned for several years.

Before Scala it was called Anva which was a favourite of my grandmother's (probably because it was operated by the Danish workers co-op: FDB) and I remember going there with her and my mom.

Another reminder of the changing times, and changing Copenhagen.

And what will they put up instead, here right opposite Tivoli, about a hundred meters from Town Hall Square, an area filled with tourists, hotels, bars, cafe's, cinema's?..

A ten-story building filled with offices for lawyers, naturellement...

Panzer: Sturmmörserwagen "Sturmtiger"
Another US Signal Corps photo, this time of a knocked out Sturmtiger, Rodingen, Germany. March 1945.
The three Bazooka penetrations through the rear armour would have entered the engine compartment and put a stop to the monster. The right side track has also been damaged.
Abandoned Panzers were often used for target practise by allied troops for testing their own weapons.It is possible that the Sturmtiger was abandoned due to the broken track and the damage we see was done later. The hatch lying on the ground belonged to the top of the fighting compartment, opened when the Sturmtiger's 380 mm rocket shells were loaded into the vehicle with an on board crane, also just visible between the two exhaust pipes.
A surviving Sturmtiger is preserved at the Deutsches Panzermuseum in Germany


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