Monday, March 12, 2012


Photo courtesy of the fredlees

Well...still pretty sad here about the loss of Jean Giraud/ Moebius

Of course, he lived to be seventy-three and had accomplished more than any artist could possibly wish for, and even had new material coming out last year...

A true giant of comic book art, the Blueberry western saga alone could easily have secured him a position as one of the great masters of Comicdom.
Apparently, that was not enough for a creator of this magnitude... while still continuing the work with Blueberry, he spearheaded a revolution of the media itself with Arzach, The Airtight Garage and the Sci-Fi masterpiece: The Incal, not to mention countless other displays of his superior drawing and designing skills, and storytelling.

A rare combination of the true visionary and the superior craftsman. He will be sorely missed.

Panzer: Jagdpanzer V Jagdpanther
A burned out wreck being inspected by a British serviceman in Holland, late 1944.
A penetration hole through the last schürtzen armour plate clearly visible, most likely causing an fuel tank- or engine fire.


ste said...

wow,those are accurate shots on the lamp post

Lennard Grahn said...

Legend has it a gunner named sergeant Blueberry did that...