Monday, August 20, 2012

Here I am.

I went up in a fighter plane, shark's mouth painted on the nose!

But they shot it down.

I went up in a four-engine bomber, loaded with machine guns and radar, and six buddies to help me fight!

But they shot that down too.

Then I got me a 50-ton tank, with a big gun and the thickest armour you could make.

I barely escaped from the burning wreck...

Proudly, I received my Captain's rank
- in a submarine, they won't even know I'm there!

But the sea mines did.

Now, I'm living in the hills. My trusted sniper rifle resting on my knee.

I've got plenty of time.


For them to make a move.

Panzer: Sturmgeschutz III, Ausf C
A battery of Stug's moving up the line, mingling with another trusted companion of the German Army in WWII : the horse drawn supply cart. The death's head marking painted on the foremost Stug does not mean it served with the SS-Totenkopf Division. More likely it was a unit-specific marking inspired by the death's head collar tabs worn by panzer and Stug units.

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