Monday, August 13, 2012


When I was working at the post office, sorting mail hour after hour, listening to music while you worked helped kill the boredom and made you forget about the pain in your neck and the sound of your co-workers chatting about sports and how drunk they had been during the weekend.
Like some, I preferred to shut out the mainstream radio transferred to us over the speaker system and instead put on my trusty mp3 player for songs of my selection.
A co-worker of mine, an old hippie who was a music freak and passionate record collector  (I actually turned him onto The Jesus and Mary Chain) He had seen all the Danish hippie bands play when they first started out, and Jimi Hendrix when he visited Copenhagen.
As with most people working there, he liked to talk to keep from going crazy, and complained about we who sat there with our ears plugged into the mp3 players, like zombies... "there's no contact with you guys! you just shut everything out!" so, I ask him "but you like listening to music more than anybody here, why don't you get an mp3 player?" and he answered "it's like we said back in the old days: a radio? I''ve got that inside my head..."

And, yes...I've got one too.

Panzer: Sdkfz 131 Panzerjäger "Marder II"
Based on the then obsolete Pzkpfw II chassis, but mounting the powerful PaK 40 anti tank gun, the Marder II entered service with Panzerjäger units of Panzer divisions in the summer of 1942. With a thinly armoured, open topped fighting compartment, the Marder II was not suitable for direct tank-to-tank engagement on the open battlefield. Using ambush techniques, it would engage enemy armour from a concealed position.

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