Monday, October 08, 2012


 He was one of the town weirdo's. I was another. And we were some of the smart kids in class. He was into Liberalism. Still a rarity in Denmark in the early eighties when we didn't really know what would come first: The inevitable socialist takeover of the entire world, or the Atom bomb. I was a revolutionary. I dreamed of going to South America to fight the CIA and big business. Fight them with guns.
I had long hair and thick glasses,  he had black curly hair and a genetic defect causing his eyes to water continuously. We were in our early teens, and often met after school. At the place where we could have some privacy and would never meet any of the other kids inhabiting our small town. The local library.
They had a game of chess. So we played chess while  enjoying our common passion: debating the sorry state of things, and what should be done about it. School ended, and we went our separate ways.
I met him on the streets of Copenhagen several years later, in the late eighties. He was now living i Sweden, working with computers. He said "if China and India achieves the same standard of living as we have here in the west, the whole ecological system is going to collapse..."

Smart kid.

Panzer: Pzkpfw IV
A very intriguing photo, most likely taken from the commander's cupola of a Pz IV during the Battle of France. Note the manner of wearing the headphones practised by the panzer's wounded radio operator seen on the left, enabling him to both receive radio communication and aural messages at the same time. The troopers advancing through the field in the background suggests the panzer operated in the infantry support role during this engagement.

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