Monday, November 26, 2012


Been having my first "viral experience" I suppose...

I created the above photoshopped image as a spoof directed at a recent ad campaign by the big Danish bank Danske Bank, "The New Normal".

Danske Bank has acted like all the other big banks before, and during, the recession...questionable "ego-cratic" management and investments,  resulting in a huge state-funded bail out which of course was followed by outsourcing of jobs and thousands of layoffs to the bank's staff...

I posted the image to my Facebook account four days ago (next to the other idiosyncratic doodles I put there from time to time) but this time, 94 people shared it during the day and now it has ended up appearing in the online version of Danish newspaper Politiken.

Hmmm.. if this gets as big as I think it will, I want 60% on the merchandise deals!

Panzer: Sdkfz 5
A group of Luftwaffe field personnel relaxing. The sledge was probably custom made by a local Werkstattkompanie. Other photos in this group show the crew was attached to a radar installation. Note the Wehrmacht rank patch for camouflage clothing worn on the left sleeve by the trooper on the right. He seems to be wearing it on the rare quilted version of the reversible winter uniform. For some reason, this version is mostly seen with Luftwaffe field units.

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