Monday, December 17, 2012


Battling X-mas stress/ anxiety/ madness here with retro TV on YouTube, Carl Sagan's Cosmos!
(this is just a collection of some highlights, but you can easily find all thirteen 60-minute episodes on YouTube by doing a search with carl sagan cosmos)

Carl Sagan, you were such a nice humanistic propagator of science, fact, logic, creativity, peace, dreams and imagination - can't you please return from the dead and save the world together with Obama?.. before the "Unified Fourth Reich of The Global A-Holes" takes over...
(and remember to appoint Brian Eno universal minister of culture)

Well, back to reality... and X-mas shopping.

Panzer: Sdkfz 250 NEU
A group of brand new Sdkfz 250 arriving at, or en route to the front lines, summer of 1944. Note the textbook application of both unit and tactical markings on the foremost vehicle, placing it with an armoured recon unit (Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung) of the Grossdeutschland Division

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