Monday, December 10, 2012


Well, a special thanks goes out this week to Eric Reits, one of the regulars at the Missing-Lynx Axis WWII Discussion Group...

And why is that?..well, Eric patrols eBay and when he comes across photos of German WWII AFV's put up for sale which he finds are of special interest to the cognoscenti, he generously posts the links.

Always fine pickings from Eric, and by doing so he's making life easy for people like moi who can then repost select photos to this here blog, add some useful information written in my tantalizing and eloquent style, and thus keep the DAMIJWH Panzer section alive and rocking!

Yes, much of what we achieve in life is done by scrounging on the work of others...kind of philosophical in a way, isn't it?...

Panzer: Pzkpfw IV, Ausf J
A couple of Panzer IV's lie devastated during the Battle of the Bulge 1944-45. Judging form the white ring painted around a penetration hole on the Pz IV on the left, the panzers might have been used for target practising some time after they were destroyed and the dramatic explosion in the background not the result of actual combat, but staged to create a good publicity photo for the folks back home.
Another explanation could be that the immobilized panzers needed to be cleared from the area and blowing them up was the simplest way to get the job done.

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