Monday, January 28, 2013


Why not relax (or chillout" as we said back in the day) with some breezy 00's style ambient by Tycho

Panzer: Pzkpfw IV, Ausf E
Some quick winter camo for this Panzer IV, probably late 1941 in Russia. The Ausf E had additional armour bolted onto the front and the sides of the hull. -----

Monday, January 21, 2013


Got everything?...

Another ebay purchase of mine, showing a german woman during WWII displaying "Air raid Shelter Chic"
The woman wears pants, for extra warmth in the concrete shelter and a scarf to protect her hair against concrete dust, fire and other disasters and of course Die Volksgasmaske, the standard gas mask distributed to German civilians during WWII. A small suitcase, probably with some extra underwear in case of evacuation plus her most important and valuable personal belongings, if her house was destroyed in the bombing. Over her arm, a blanket, if the air raid lasted through the night and she had to sleep in the shelter. And last but not least - her beloved dog, giving her some company while her husband or fiancee is far away at the front.

I suppose that one day the sufferings of German and Japanese civilians during the terror bombings of WWII will also be granted status as war crimes (yes I know they started it...), but until then all we have are photos like this giving some interesting insight into what is important to a person facing the fact that her home might be gone when she returns.

Panzer: Pzkpfw III, Ausf J
Three German paratoopers relaxing in front of a Panzer III, camouflaged for winter use with whitewash. The location looks like the Eastern front where paratroop units served mainly as regular ground troops.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Both parents Jewish,  Lauren Bacall (Betty Joan Perske) was a Yid!

You've been there...there's NO shame, it's only natural...a person's name comes up in conversation...then someone reveals the secret, triggering your unmitigated response:

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Panzer: Sturmgeschütz III, Ausf G
A group of stugs giving some infanterie a much appreciated ride. The smoothly shaped covering around the gun mount, known as the topfblende  was introduced in february 1944, which would place  this foto in the summer of 1944 (note the haystacks in the background)

Monday, January 07, 2013


Backeth are we, and with a brand new year just begun!






"twelve months of new year coming right up, sir!"


No denying that.

Panzer: Panzerjäger Tiger, Ausf. B. "Jagdtiger"
The largest combat vehicle to be used operationally in WWII, the behemoth rests quietly at a railway loading ramp probably in early 1945.
A very rare photo showing one of only eleven Jagdtigers fitted with the simplified suspension and wheels known as "Porsche suspension". When comparing photos, this could very well be the same vehicle residing today at the Bovington Tank Museum in Britain.