Monday, January 21, 2013


Got everything?...

Another ebay purchase of mine, showing a german woman during WWII displaying "Air raid Shelter Chic"
The woman wears pants, for extra warmth in the concrete shelter and a scarf to protect her hair against concrete dust, fire and other disasters and of course Die Volksgasmaske, the standard gas mask distributed to German civilians during WWII. A small suitcase, probably with some extra underwear in case of evacuation plus her most important and valuable personal belongings, if her house was destroyed in the bombing. Over her arm, a blanket, if the air raid lasted through the night and she had to sleep in the shelter. And last but not least - her beloved dog, giving her some company while her husband or fiancee is far away at the front.

I suppose that one day the sufferings of German and Japanese civilians during the terror bombings of WWII will also be granted status as war crimes (yes I know they started it...), but until then all we have are photos like this giving some interesting insight into what is important to a person facing the fact that her home might be gone when she returns.

Panzer: Pzkpfw III, Ausf J
Three German paratoopers relaxing in front of a Panzer III, camouflaged for winter use with whitewash. The location looks like the Eastern front where paratroop units served mainly as regular ground troops.

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